Helpdesk for Students from Ukraine


How to apply for studies?

  • What are the recruitment stages?

    • Filling out the on-line form.
    • Personal submission of documents to the Admissions and making the recruitment payment.
    • Signing the Agreement on the payment terms for studies.
    • Obtaining the decision on being admitted to the University.
  • What do I need to do afterfilling out the on-line form?

    Students must submit all required documents to the Admissionsin person and make the recruitment payment. Only after that, the decision about admission to study is prepared.

  • Can the online application form be completed at the university?

    Yes, the application form can be filled out in the Admissions.

    Please, remember that it is necessary to attach a scan the required documents and a photo in an electronic form (it is a good idea to storea scan on a flash drive or inthe e-mail).

  • When are the recruitment results available?

    Candidates receive the decision on being admitted to the University on the day of submitting their documents – provided that they meet all the required conditions. The verification process, decision and preparation of documents for signing take no more than an hour.

  • Where can I make the recruitment payment?

    Cash payments can be made in a cash deposit machine at the University.

  • What account number should I make payment to?

    Address of the bank: str. Zelazna 32, 00-832 Warszawa
    Swift Code: EBOSPLPWXXX
    IBAN: PL
    BANK ACCOUNT IBAN: PL 47 1540 1030 2103 0003 7384 0006 – payments in EUR
    BANK ACCOUNT IBAN: PL 85 1540 1030 2103 0003 7384 0001 – payments in PLN

    Bank Details: ING BANK SLASKI
    Address of the bank: Malczewskiego 45, Str. 02- 622, Warsaw, Poland
    Swift Code : ING BPLPW
    IBAN : PL
    BANK ACCOUNT: PL 80 1050 1025 1000 0023 6803 7145 – payments in EUR
    BANK ACCOUNT: PL 48 1050 1025 1000 0023 5997 2268 – payments in PLN

  • Can I benefit from several promotions at a time?

    Promotions cannot be combined with other promotions. Choose one that is most suitable for you.

  • What documents are required before commencing the first-degree studies?

    • Copy of the secondary school certificate;
    • Copy of ID;
    • 1 photo;
    • Payment confirmation of the recruitment fee;
    • The application form. Printed out from the website and signed.
  • What documents are required before commencing the second-degree studies?

    • Copy of bachelor/engineering studies diploma including the supplement;
    • Copy of ID;
    • 1 photo;
    • Confirmation of the recruitment fee;
    • Secondary school certificate + a photocopy.
  • What are the photo requirements in the on-line application?

    All details of the photo in the application are available on the application system website.

  • What is the required size of the photo?

    Photos should be 3.5 cm x 4.5 cm.

  • What should I do if I cannot upload my photo?

    Please check whether the photo parameters in jpg format are in line with the information in the system.

  • After obtaining a positive decision from the Dean, candidates should register on the “Apply online” website – and attach the following documents:

    • scan of the secondary school certificate;
    • scan of ID;
    • scan of a medical certificate (concerns the following fields of study: Dietetics, Graphic Design, Construction, Architecture and Urban Planning);
    • scan of a photo as .jpg (for ID card or passport);
    • scan of the diploma and supplement of the candidate for second-degree studies
  • What should I do if I would like to transfer herefrom another university?

    • Transfer procedure takes place through an on-line admissions system, dream apply – Apply online.
    • Fill out all required fields.
    • Candidates should indicate which year and semester of studiesthey applyto be admitted for.
    • Candidates should attach a scan of the course of study card from the previous university.
    • Candidates are required to write an application to the Dean (VU or WSTHM) – see the attached template.
    • The dean decides on admission based on the documentation submitted by candidates.
    • Candidates receive information on admissionby e-mail from the University.



    PLEASE, NOTE: All candidates (including foreigners) when transferring from other universities, must pay an administrative fee of PLN 350/EURO 85, before applying to the Dean. If, after obtaining a positive decision of the Dean, the candidate starts his/her studies at the University, he/she will be exempt from the entry fee. If the candidate resigns from the studies, the fee will not be refunded.

  • After filling out the application, candidates should submit to the Admissions the complete set of the following documents

    • application form printed out from the recruitment system (dream apply);
    • original secondary school certificate + photocopy;
    • ID card + photocopy;
    • 1 photograph (35 x 45 mm –for ID or passport) signed with the first and last name;
    • study Agreement + payment order;
    • confirmation of payment of the registration fee;
    • photocopy of the diploma and supplement of the candidate for second-degree studies
  • I have a problem with logging into the system.

    • Check if the login and password are entered correctly.
    • If you still cannot log in, please contact the Admissions.

    Phone no. +48 22 45 72 400;

  • Can I sign up for the University without a high school diploma?

    No, it is impossible to take up studies without a secondary school diploma.

  • Where and when can I apply for a scholarship?

    Applications for scholarships and necessary documents can be submitted after the beginning of the academic year, in room 119B, on the first floor.

    Detailed information on scholarships and a list of required documents is available HERE

  • Does the university have a dormitory?

    • The university does not have its own dorm, but it works with several private student houses. All accommodation options are available at
  • How long does the recruitment process last?

    Recruitment lasts until the end of October.

  • When does the recruitment process start?

    Recruitment starts on May 4 of a current year

  • What are the opening hours of the Admissions?

    Admissions Office working hours:

    • Monday – Friday – 9 a.m. – 5.p.m.


  • Where can I find information about my payments?

    Students’ financial issues are dealt with in the bursary (room 108).

    Office hours:

    • Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.
    • Fridays from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.
  • Can someone else pay for my studies (family/company)?

    Yes, then please remember to provide correct student data in the transfer title:

    name, surname and student ID number.

  • My fee has not yet been posted. Why? What should I do in that case?

    The payment made by bank transfer is posted within 1-2 working days from the date of payment.

    If the fee has not yet been credited, please:
    – check the correctness of the account number to which the payment was sent,
    – check if the fee has returned to your private account,
    – if the payment has return – intervene in your own bank.

  • How do I know if I pay in time?

    The student can check the details of your payment (arrears and overpayment) in USOSWEB system  or directly report to the bursar’s office.

  • Can the tuition fee be changed during studies?

    During recruitment each student receives the Contract and Resolution of the Executive Board
    regarding the fees applicable to the students (the so-called price list). The amount of tuition fee
    specified at the beginning of studies shall be binding throughout the whole period of study (except
    for extraordinary circumstances – reservations are included in the Resolution).

  • What will happen if I fail to make my payments on time?

    The date of payment is the date of reception of payment by the University. In case of delay in making the payment, the fee should include the interest surcharge in the amount defined by law.

    Details concerning lack of payment are included in the Contract and Resolution of the Executive Board regarding the fees applicable to the students.

  • I’m quitting my studies. What should I do?

    The student can resign from studies at any time. However, the following conditions should be fulfill:

    • submit a signed declaration (resignation) in the dean’s office or through the USOSWEB system;
    • pay receivables in accordance with the provisions in the contract.
  • I was crossed out of the list of students. Can I apply for re-admission to the University?

    The student who is crossed out of the list of students may apply for re-admission to the University – after paying all overdue fees. Then the student should pay the registration fee and proper tuition fee.

  • Why do I have such a large debt?

    The University has an annual student settlement (study regulations).

    The basis for not charging further fees is:

    • a signed declaration (resignation) of the student in the dean’s office or through the USOSWEB system or
    • student’s crossing out of the list of students (signed by the University authorities).
  • Where can I get and how much does a medical certificate cost?

    It is possible to do a medical examination at the University (doctor’s office – room 24).
    A medical certificate for a student costs PLN 60. Payments can be made by bank transfer or at a cash
    deposit machine at the University.

Career Office

  • How can I discover my strengths and find a job?

    The career counsellor will propose a counselling process based on a competence test and an individual action plan. The counsellor will help you revise your CV to increase its effectiveness in the recruitment process.

  • Do university graduates get a job after graduation?

    Yes – about 70% of last-year students have a job and most graduates find a job within 3 months after graduation.

  • Does the Careers Office provide university students with job and occupational practices offers?

    The Careers Office supports students in starting their professional careers. We cooperate with many companies offering jobs, internships, and placements.

  • Does a student visa allow you to work legally in Poland?

    Yes. According to the law, a student visa enables students to work in Poland.

  • How are students informed about new job offers?

    The Careers Office receives new job offers every day. They are posted on the website

  • What is the process of occupational practices?

    The rules for compulsory internships are provided on the website

  • Do you need to speak Polish to find a job?

    Knowledge of the Polish language can be an important asset because we have many interesting offers from Polish companies. However, we also cooperate with international companies that do not need candidates to speak fluent Polish.

  • Are there any job offers for foreigners?

    We have a lot of different offers – both for foreigners and for Poles. We cooperate with many international companies and organizations.

  • Does the Careers Office help students of the Vistula School of Hospitality find occupational practices?

    The Careers Office helps all students find internships. Our offers for the VSH students include work in hotels and travel agencies, such as Orbis Hotel Group, Courtyard, Marriott, Sheraton, Westin, Bristol, Louvre Hotels Group.

  • Which field of study receives the greatest number of job offers?

    We receive dozens of new job offers for students and graduates from various fields on a daily basis. The Career Office actively seeks new offers every day.


  • What do I need to do to borrow a book?

    To borrow a book, you must become a member of the library.

  • How to become a member of the library?

    • You have to subscribe to it by completing the declaration (available in the library).
    • You have to pay a one-off fee of 5 PLN.
    • You have to present a valid student ID.
    • The data contained in the declaration is verified on the basis of a valid student ID and a passport / ID card.
    • It is not possible to join the library only on the basis of a student ID or an ID card.
  • I am not a student of the VISTULA Group of Universities. Can I borrow books from the University library?

    Students from outside the VISTULA Group of Universities cannot borrow books.

    All interested parties can only use our book collections in the reading room, after presenting a document containing the user’s photo.

  • How to complete the Library Training?

    • You have to log in to the PLATON platform.
    • In the “Training” section, you can find “Library training”.
    • Click on “Library training” and then on “Save”. Tips on the screen will lead you further.
  • I have completed a library training test, but my grade has not been entered into the USOS system. Why?

    • Grades do not appear automatically in the USOS system. We receive them gradually along with subsequent completed tests.
    • In case of long delays, please report the problem in person or by e-mail to the following address:
  • What do I have to do to read books using the IBUK Libra platform?

    • Students have to be members of the Scientific Library (they need to have an active account in the Library).
    • If students do not have an account, they must set up one.
    • If students are already members of the Library, they do not need to have any additional authorizations.
    • Students can use any computers/tablets/smartphones, while they are at the University, to access the IBUK Libra database.
    • In order use the IBUK Libra platform at home, students must download a special PIN from the Library. By clicking HERE they will learn how to use the database outside of the University.
  • I completed the library training during my undergraduate studies. I am currently continuing my studies at supplementary masters. Do I have to attend the library training again?

    • The library training test is done only once.
    • The credit is obligatory for all students who start their studies at our university (also for master’s students of supplementary studies).
    • We do not accept library training from other universities (including WSTHM and the former Academy of Finance – personscoming from these schools have to complete the library training).
    • Students who have obtained a credit for the library training in a paper index, and do not have it entered into the USOS, should apply with an old paper index to the Dean’s Office for the credit to be entered into the USOS system.
  • I’m going to write/I’m writing my diploma thesis. Are there any specific guidelines for writing such a thesis – font size or margins?

  • Can I extend the time of book borrowing by e-mail/telephone?

    • We do not make telephone extensions or e-mail extensions of borrowing dates.
    • A week must pass between returning and borrowing again the same title. The borrowing period is always the same.
    • Exceptions to this rule occur sporadically and can only be discussed personally. We always rely on the analysis of the demand for a given title and the number of copies we have. In each individual case, the decision is made by the director of the library.
  • I have received a report from the anti-plagiarism system, but I do not understand what do specific indicators mean. Where can I find it out?

    You will find out, how to read and understand the report from the anti-plagiarism system by visiting the website help page.

  • I checked the work individually in the anti-plagiarism system. Do I still have to submititto be checked at the Anti-Plagiarism Unit located in the Science Library?

    • The results of the probability report of the work tested individually, differ from those that are obtained after checking the work by the Anti-plagiarism Unit at the Scientific Library.
    • The report from the anti-plagiarism system obtained after checking the work by the Anti-plagiarism Unit in the Scientific Library, is the only valid report that can be attached to the work submitted at the Dean’s Office.
  • I have received a report from the anti-plagiarism system, which shows that the probability coefficient (s) has been exceeded. What do I do now?

    • If the coefficients are exceeded, please report it to the supervisor.
    • When the report indicates that the coefficients are exceeded, the Anti-plagiarism Unit sends a full report to the supervisor, who will verify the text passages that the anti-plagiarism system has identified as “unauthorized borrowings”.
    • The decision whether such “borrowings”still render the thesis acceptable and still allow its being admitted to defense or whether it will have to be corrected rests with the supervisor (this is connected with marking the appropriate box in Appendix No. 2 to the Anti-plagiarism Regulations),.
    • Students are allowed to correct the thesis with respect to borrowings.
    • After the thesis is corrected, it is resubmitted to the anti-plagiarism check again.
    • The second and each subsequent check of paper in the anti-plagiarism system is connected with the payment of a fee of 30 PLN (according to the Chancellor’s Order No. 01/01/2013 of 17 January 2013).
  • What does the anti-plagiarism procedure look like?

    1. Students submit to the Anti-plagiarism Unit located in the Scientific Library a disk containing the full text of the document (stored in one file, not exceeding 20 MB) in one of the following formats: ODT (Open Office Document), DOC, DOCX or RTF (Microsoft Word) together with a paper, unbounded version of the thesis, signed and duly approved by the supervisor (with signature and date) on the titular page. It is also required to provide the e-mail address of the author and of the supervisor.


    The description on the disk must contain:

    • information on the type of thesis; (bachelor, engineer, master’s degree, doctoral degree/post-graduate studies),
    • first and last name of the author of the thesis;
    • student ID number (in the case of the first and second degree studies);
    • name and surname of the thesis supervisor and his/her signature.


    1. After checking the conformity of the electronic and paper versions, the document is uploaded into the system for further anti-plagiarism procedure.


    Attention! The maximum waiting time for a report is 14 days and there is no possibility to accelerate the process of checking the thesis in the anti-plagiarism system.


    1. The anti-plagiarism system generates a short report, which is available to the student/applicant for the doctor’s degree, and a full report, which is available to the thesis supervisor and the reviewer.
    2. A short similarity report is sent to the student’s e-mail address.
    3. The similarity report needs to be evaluated when:
      • similarity coefficient 1 exceeds 50%;
      • similarity coefficient 2 exceeds 5%;
      • attempts to hide the presence of unauthorized borrowings were made (“alert”);
      • if the coefficients of similarity 1 and/or 2 exceed the norm.


    1. The Anti-plagiarism Unit sends a full report to the supervisor in order to present and discuss the situation indicating the suspicion of unauthorized borrowing.
    2. The supervisor or other person appointed by the University authorities carries out an analysis and assessment of possible violations of the authorship of the thesis.
    3. If the thesis requires correction, the student/person applying for the doctoral degree makes the necessary changes in the text and presents to the Anti-Plagiarism Unit the supervisor’s opinion on admitting the thesis to the defense, the thesis then again undergoes the procedure starting from the first stage.
    4. After the thesis is analyzed for plagiarism by the system, the student must collect the thesis and the disk regardless of the result.
  • Why is the book I’m looking for is not in the catalog?

    • We always try to update our catalog. We also take care to satisfy the widest possible educational needs of both students and lecturers.
    • If we do not have the item you are looking for, and a given book is on the reading list (obligatory or complementary), please report it to your lecturer. He/she will certainly know what books you need and he/she can ask the Library to buy necessary books.

International Office

If you are a candidate, please contact our admission team:


Anna Voronko

International Admission Officer

WhatsApp or Viber: +48 798 066 870


(Russian and Polish)


Tosin Oladosu

International Admission Officer

WhatsApp: +48 510 858 087




Accommodation Officer


If you are a recruitment agency’s representative, please contact our cooperation team:


Leonid Markusyk

Director of International Marketing and Recruitment

tel. +48 501 294 962


(cooperation with recruitment agencies and institutions)


Halina Bozko

International Admission Coordinator

tel.: +48 502 603 174


(cooperation with recruitment agencies) 

Apply online

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