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Master's Degree Programs

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full-time, part-time

Study duration:

2 years (4 semesters)



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Polish, English


AFiB Vistula

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    The Master’s programme in Economics will significantly expand your knowledge of economics. You will learn the principles of advanced analytical methods for examining economic phenomena. By continuing in your sub-major from the Bachelor’s level, you will become an expert in your chosen field, and gain the skills which will make you ‘stand out’ on the job market.

    The opportunity to delve deeper into the topics taught in the Bachelor’s programme, makes this programme perfect for those students who have graduated with a Bachelor’s in economics.

    Studying at Vistula University is about more than just theory. Practical applications of taught material come first, this is why you will learn how to use this knowledge to achieve professional success, and thanks to an understanding of the workings of the international market, you will be ready to work abroad.


    Economics at Vistula University has been designed with our students’ futures in mind, so this is why the courses are taught by practising professionals, who not only share their up-to-date knowledge of the field, but their experiences as well. In addition to that, the programme also offers sub-majors tailored to market needs. At our University, we believe in the dual nature of teaching, this means that you will gradually develop your competencies and simultaneously walk on your chosen career path.

    Vistula University emphasises practicality, and our Economics programme is no exception. The programme is a perfect opportunity, not only to gain theoretical knowledge, but also to gain competency, and acquire valuable experience by doing additional, non-obligatory internships. Our Careers Office will help you arrange collaboration with the University’s business partners. You will be able to participate in the Erasmus Plus programme, and do an internship abroad.

    Studying at Vistula University will provide you with the knowledge necessary, to quickly become an expert on the economy.

    • List of obligatory classes
      • Managerial economics
      • Economic law
      • Financial markets – intermediate course
      • Human resources management
      • Econometrics and economic process prediction
      • Statistical inference
      • International economy
      • Macro-economics – intermediate courseMathematical economics
      • History of economics
      • MA seminar 1
      • Master’s Thesis writing methodology
      • Foreign language seminar 1-2
  • The Economics programme (Master’s level) offers three sub-majors: international business II, corporate economics II, and international economics.

    You dive deeper into: planning and supply, production, logistics, research and development, finances and controlling. You will learn to independently solve professional problems related to multicultural environments. The Master’s programme will enable you to easily navigate projects of an economic, legal, and political nature. This sub-major will prepare you to work in managerial positions in domestic and foreign companies, as well as in government bodies and local authorities.

    • List of classes in the international business II sub-major
      • International business case studies
      • Companies in international business
      • International economic promotion
      • Financing in international business
      • Diploma sub-major seminar

    Studying in this sub-major, you will expand your knowledge of how companies operate on the market. You will learn the practical aspects of sector analyses, investment projects, and how companies function. You will be able to independently assess processes occurring within a company, and in its environment.

    • List of classes in the corporate economics II sub-major
      • Strategic analyses of corporate development
      • Legal aspects of corporations and corporate social responsibility
      • Cultural factors of contemporary business
      • Corporate tax strategies
      • Diploma sub-major seminar

    You will gain advanced knowledge of how an open economy functions, the theory of international goods exchange, capital flows and technology, as well as the spatial allocation of economic activity. This sub-major is ideal for everyone who would like to work in management, not only in Poland, but in international institutions as well.

    • List of classes in the international economy I sub-major
      • International trade of goods and services in a time of globalisation
      • International trade of goods and services in a time of globalisation
      • International flows of the means of production in a time of globalisation
      • International financial flows in a time of globalisation
      • Global challenges and international trade
      • Diploma sub-major seminar
    The Master’s programme in Economics has been designed to enable you to develop in the field that interests you most. Specialised sub-majors tailored to market needs, combined with a faculty full of practitioners – this ensures that you will gain practical knowledge, with which, you will surely find your dream job in one of three sectors – business, the public sector, and academia.

    See for yourself that Vistula is the best University in practice. Find out the benefits of studying Economics.


    Ready for work
    The Master’s programme in Economics focuses on sharing practical knowledge and the skills necessary, to independently solve professional problems, and make binding decisions. Every sub-major focuses on preparing you to work in companies and institutions of a particular type.

    Global possibilities
    Thanks to expanding your knowledge of how an open economy functions, as well as planning and supply, production, logistics, research and development, finances and controlling, you will learn how to navigate the multicultural environment.

    Expert knowledge
    Courses are taught by renowned practitioners, as well as specialised sub-majors aimed at teaching you specialised knowledge – during your Economics studies. Therefore, you will gain expert knowledge, which will enable you to become an expert in your chosen field.

    The Master’s programme in Economics enables you to dive deeper and select your area of expertise. The knowledge and skills you will gain this way, will enable you to find an interesting job, and the type of job you will find, depends on the sub-major you choose.


    By choosing international business II, you will be able to apply for management positions in:

    • domestic and foreign companies,
    • international organisations,
    • government bodies and local authorities, dealing in international business

    By choosing corporate economics II, you will be able to apply for positions in:

    • international corporations as an analyst or consultant
    • companies and institutions regulating the activities of economic entities or promoting enterprise

    By choosing the international economy, you will be able to develop professionally in the private sector as:

    • a mid- or high-level manager,
    • an expert,
    • an adviser,
    • a consultant in international institutions and analytical/research centres, both in Poland and abroad.
  • Tuition fee for full-time and part-time studies (including mobile studies) (BA/MA) in Polish – students from outside the EU

    Registration fee Tuition fee (per year) Tuition fee (per semester)
    Full-time and part-time studies 120 € 1 450 € 775 €

    Resolution of Executive Board about the fees


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