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Master's Degree Programs

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2 years (4 semesters)



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AFiB Vistula

    The Polish-British double diploma programme initiative enables Management students to obtain diplomas from two universities, namely the Vistula University and its partner university, London South Bank University, within just one course of studies.
    The programme is delivered in English.

    A double Master’s Diploma in Management will give you an edge on the labour market. The partnership between the Vistula University and LSBU offers you an opportunity to gain unique experience in an international environment.

    LSBU is an international university with great ambitions and one of the five largest universities in London. It leverages the huge potential of the British capital city as a global financial centre. Its business ecosystem is founded on thousands of companies, from start-ups to large multinational corporations.
    At the same time, Warsaw serves as a regional business hub for Central Europe and beyond. The city houses hundreds of shared service centres and outsourcing companies. The Polish-British study programme with a double diploma allows you to benefit from the unique business potential of both cities. You will gain practical knowledge and develop competence in your area of interest.

    The course has been developed in collaboration with businesses, alumni and accredited bodies, so you can rest assured that your new skills will be sought after on the market.

    During the programme, you will benefit from strong business affiliations of our academic team. This will provide you with a network of contacts and experience to help you grow and set up career goals.

    The Management programme at the Vistula University  is accredited by CEEMAN IQA (International Quality Accreditation). It is one of the most prestigious and respected international accreditations in the field of management education. It confirms Vistula’s compliance with the highest international standards in the crucial areas of efficient operation, high-quality education and research, and a good level of teaching. Thanks to CEEMAN IQA’s accreditation, brand recognition and the value of the Vistula University diploma, in Poland and abroad, is growing. Students, therefore, have a better chance of satisfactory employment, and graduates can be sure that their knowledge and highly developed social and managerial competencies will be appreciated in the business environment.

    The Management programme of the Vistula University also gained valuable accreditation of PMI Global Accreditation Centre for Project Management Education Programmes (GAC), a leading, independent, specialised accreditation institution in the field of project management, as well as study programmes, offered by higher education institutions around the world. Graduates of the “Project management in an organisation” programme can be sure of the highest standards of education – they gain the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve professional success. PMI GAC accreditation is proof of the university’s deep commitment to continually improve the quality of its curriculum in project management.


    Project coordinators for BA in Management (Vistula) and BA in Business Management (LSBU)  

    From the Vistula University:

    • Tom Hashimoto, DPhil
    • Magdalena Kaczkowska-Serafińska, PhD


    Management, a Polish-British double diploma programme, is a two-year Master’s degree course delivered in English. It is aimed at providing students with knowledge of international standards in the management of business organisations. If you are considering managing your own business or you feel you have a leadership talent, the Management programme in Warsaw is perfect for you!
    The programme has been approved by the London South Bank University in terms of the same standard and quality of education.

    Management, a Polish-British double diploma programme, has been designed with your future in mind to give you the knowledge you need to succeed in today’s world. We will help you develop skills in critical business disciplines. You will learn to effectively manage capital, time, employees’ skills and entire projects.Under the guidance of our renowned experts, you will gain robust and practical knowledge of economics, finance and accounting, law and marketing. You will also learn about the latest trends in management. You will develop the essential social skills and competencies necessary for the efficient management of enterprises, non-profit organisations and your own business. Moreover, you will develop strategic and organisational skills, learn about the concepts of mission and corporate social responsibility and how to set goals and engage people. During your studies, we will actively support your entrepreneurship journey and provide you with experience through internships in domestic and international companies. You will learn for yourself that management is both a craft and an art.

    The programme is an excellent opportunity to gain both theoretical and practical knowledge. Work placements and internships will provide you with valuable professional experience. You can undertake them at leading companies we collaborate with. This will help you start off a career and enrich your resume. You can explore the ins and outs of working in your chosen area, meet people and build valuable connections. This experience will open up many professional opportunities for you. You will get an exciting and very well-paid job.


    • Check out the list of obligatory classes
      • Contemporary Management Theories
      • Human Capital Management
      • Marketing Management
      • Managerial Economics
      • Innovation and Enterprise in Business
      • Ethics in Management
      • International Economic Law
      • Financial Markets
      • Management Accounting
      • Inferential Statistics
      • MA Seminar
      • Foreign Language
      • Crisis Management in an Organisation
  • Management, the Polish-British double diploma programme, enables you to pursue one of four specialisations. You will choose it in the third semester of your study programme.

    You will learn how to start your own company or effectively manage a corporation. You will become familiar with the core business issues from an international perspective. You will be able to develop effective business strategies and plans, to lead a company to international markets and attract the best talents.


    • Check out the classes delivered for the Business Management in an International Environment Specialisation
      • International Aspects of Human Capital Management
      • Internationalization of Companies
      • Systemic Management in an Organisation
      • Strategic Management

    You will acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to manage a Marketing Department. You will learn how to develop and implement effective marketing and sales plans and strategies.You will also gain expertise in marketing management.


    • Check out the classes delivered for the Marketing Management in an International Environment Specialisation
      • Digital Marketing
      • Trade Marketing
      • Strategic Marketing
      • Strategic Communication

    You will learn to effectively attract and retain the best talents in the organisation and to engage them in the organisational growth. You will acquire expert knowledge of building and implementing human capital management strategies and programmes.


    • Check out the classes delivered for the Human Resources Management Specialisation in an International Environment
      • International Aspects of Human Capital Management
      • Talent Management
      • Leadership and Change
      • Employer Branding

    You will learn the key aspects of e-business, and how to conduct and manage e-businesses. You will get to know the related opportunities and limitations as well as problems and risks. You will explore the potential of ICT for your organisation.


    • Check out the classes delivered for the E-business Project Management in an International Environment Specialisation
      • Contemporary Business Models
      • Business Project Management
      • e-Business Plan
      • Digital Marketing
  • Tom Hashimoto

    Tomoyuki Hashimoto, PhD

    Specialises in post-socialist transformation, and his current research focuses on the development of financial centres in Central and Eastern Europe and the Baltics. His interdisciplinary approach is based on institutional economics, financial geography, economic analysis of law and international relations. He is Assistant Professor of Economics at the Vistula University, as well as Senior Lecturer and Director of Financial Economics Programme at the ISM University of Management and Economics, Career Integration Fellow of CERGE-EI (Czech Republic), Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (UK), Member of the Royal Geographical Society (UK) and member of British Mensa. He holds the degree of LL.M. (EMLE) from the University of Hamburg and a DPhil in Geography (Financial Geography) from the University of Oxford.
    USOSweb lecturer’s profile

    Michał Kruszka, PhD

    Is Associate Professor at the Vistula University. He graduated in Law and Economics, and holds a doctorate in Economics (Poznań University of Economics). His research activities include macroeconomics, microeconomics, financial services, international finance and international trade in services. He also joined the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (PFSC) in 2010. Since April 2019, he has worked as Director of the Analysis and Strategy Department at the PFSC. He focuses on macroprudential supervision (systemic risk analysis, identification of systemically important institutions in Poland, calibration of macroprudential capital buffers), quantitative and qualitative analysis of financial markets and implementation of EU regulations concerning financial benchmarks.
    USOSweb lecturer’s profile

    Krzysztof Nowakowski

    Krzysztof Nowakowski, PhD

    Graduated in Sociology in 1995 from the Faculty of Philosophy and Sociology at the University of Warsaw; in 1996, he received a scholarship from the International Research & Exchanges Board, an American organisation supporting democratic changes in Central European countries; his internship and new teaching experience gained during his stays at the Cornell University (School of Industrial and Labour Relations, USA) and Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium, 1997) and Rutgers University (Human Resource Department, USA, 1999) laid the foundation for his dissertation on human resources management and the subsequent defence of his doctoral thesis in 2002 (University of Warsaw).
    USOSweb lecturer’s profile

    Prof. Zbigniew Olesiński, PhD

    Graduate of the Faculty of Political Sciences at the University of Warsaw where he obtained a PhD in Political Sciences (1979) and a post-doctoral degree in Social Sciences (1991). He was awarded the title of Professor of Economics in 2014. His research activity focuses on inter-organisational cooperation, inter-organisational networks and clusters in Poland and Europe, soft management factors, agile enterprises, self-governance and teal organisations. Author and co-author of 14 books and 201 papers, he managed 4 projects financed by the National Science Centre and 2 projects financed by the European Union. He has worked as Professor at the Vistula University since 2007. Awarded the Knight’s Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta (2002) and the Silver Medal for Merit to Culture – Gloria Artis (2005).
    USOSweb lecturer’s profile

    Witold Orlowski

    Prof. Witold M. Orłowski, PhD

    Works as Professor at the Vistula University. He graduated in Economics from the University of Łódź and then studied at the Harvard University (Fulbright Scholar Programme). He completed his doctoral studies at the University of Łódź and obtained his post-doctoral degree at the University of Warsaw. In 2007, he was awarded the title of Professor of Economics. He was President of the Vistula University, Professor and Director of the Warsaw University of Technology Business School. He specialises in applied econometrics and macroeconomics, economic transition and European integration of Central and Eastern European countries. Author of 12 books and more than 200 scientific publications, he was previously Chief Economic Advisor to the President of the Republic of Poland, member of the Economic Council to the Prime Minister, Chief Economic Advisor to PwC in Poland and Special Adviser to the European Commission on budget. He is also a popular economic commentator and columnist for major newspapers.
    USOSweb lecturer’s profile

    Marlena Plebańska, PhD

    A pioneer in Polish e-education, specialised in knowledge management, e-learning and Design Thinking. Graduate of the Warsaw University of Technology, North East Wales Institute of Higher Education (NEWI) and the Warsaw School of Economics. Expert in distance learning and the use of new media in education and leader of e-learning in Poland. She authored more than a hundred scientific publications and dozens of popular science publications on e-education. For 17 years, she has inspired, designed and strategised e-learning and knowledge management solutions in multiple Polish companies, schools and NGOs. Leader and consultant of education and e-learning projects. Active trainer and lecturer. Researcher at the Vistula University.
    USOSweb lecturer’s profile

    The Management Programme was designed to fully prepare students for a successful career in their selected industry. Our carefully developed specialisations will enable you to gain expert knowledge in your chosen area.
    Find out for yourself that Vistula is the best University in practice. See what benefits come with studying Management.



    Double diploma
    One course of study provides you with two diplomas – saving you time and money.

    Advantage on the labour market
    A double diploma from two renowned schools will make you stand out on the labour market and pursue a successful career in business.

    Unique experience in an international environment
    You can benefit from the opportunities provided by two important business centres, Warsaw and London.

    Global opportunities
    The Management Programme will provide you with skills to succeed professionally in the global labour market. The classes open new horizons by discussing problems from an international perspective.

    Business approach
    You will learn ways to effectively navigate the business environment and find out how to put your knowledge into practice. Not only will you learn to develop plans but also to implement consistently with your organisation’s strategy.

    Proficient management
    You will learn to manage not only capital, time and people’s skills but also projects. You will also be able to carry out projects from start to finish and manage entire teams of people.


    Your Master’s Programme in Management at the Vistula University in Warsaw will prepare you for a career as an entrepreneur, leader, middle and especially senior manager, advisor and consultant in organisations and for setting up and managing your own business. You can fulfil your bold vision in global enterprises, international organisations and European Union institutions.

    Career prospects for graduates in Management

    With a Master’s degree in Management from the Vistula University in Warsaw, you can pursue a career in enterprises, multinational corporations, international and non-governmental organisations, advertising and market research agencies.

    With the Business Management in an International Environment specialisation, you can work as:

    • Department Director,
    • Regional Director (especially internationally),
    • Chief Operating Officer.

    With the Marketing Management in an International Environment specialisation, you can work as:

    • Marketing Director at a multinational corporation,
    • Sales and Marketing Director,
    • Commercial Director.

    With the Human Resources Management in an International Environment specialisation, you can work as:

    • HR Director at a multinational corporation,
    • Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist,
    • Recruitment and Employer Branding Consultant.

    With the E-business Project Management in an International Environment specialisation, you can work as:

    • e-Project Manager,
    • e-Commerce Key Account Manager,
    • Digital Product Manager.
  • Citizens of Poland, EU Member States and candidates from former Soviet Republics: €3700

    Citizens of other countries: €4400


International Office

If you are a candidate, please contact our admission team:


Anna Voronko (Belarussian)

Oleksandra Hlotova (Ukrainian, Polish)

International Admission Officer

WhatsApp or Viber: +48 798 066 870



Tosin Oladosu

International Admission Officer

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Mykola Andrushchuk

Accommodation Officer


If you are a recruitment agency’s representative, please contact our cooperation team:


Leonid Markusyk

Director of International Marketing and Recruitment

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(cooperation with recruitment agencies and institutions)


Halina Bozko

International Admission Coordinator

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(cooperation with recruitment agencies) 

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